Artists’ books

Having researched the Artists’ book as a genre I feel I have gained an understanding of its context and purpose for an artist. Therefore, I have decided it would be a suitable platform for my ideas. The nature of this art form allows the artist complete control over the outcome, yet it is still something I could reproduce for more people to experience. I think this would be perfect at this point in my journey as an Illustrator as it will allow me to create a full collection of pages which show who I am and what I am capable of creating as I near the end of university.  

Therefore, I have experimented with different structures and book binding methods. I am also considering how the metaphor of the sea as a catalyst for calm (as previously established in my research) could be portrayed through the physical structure of the book. However, I need to continue to experiment with this as I don’t want this to undermine the structural integrity of an outcome.


Using Format