Professional practice self promotion

Having researched other successful examples of batch produced self promotion I experimented with the form my own could take and considered interactive pop up elements. However, as I began to design a concertina with a flowing design I decided cut out/pop up elements would disrupt its flow. Instead I chose to use a lighthearted, chatty tone while displaying my skills in hand lettering to create an interactive experience and a sense of personality which I found to be a successful element of other examples I had researched.

 I chose to incorporate my logo as well as QR codes to act as quick interactive links to my portfolio and website which would display my work. However I had to make adaptions to the design to ensure these were clear enough to be scanned through the cyanotype outcome. 

I also designed a small envelope which could hold the concertina together and mean it could be easily given out as well as posted. The final concertinas were created using the cyanotype process on 50x6cm pieces of 50% cotton, 250gsm cream paper in order to take the size of a typical business card but allow it to expand to display more about my work. I find this paper works well for the process and is able to hold its shape and structure. 

I chose to use the cyanotype process as I feel it suits the nature of my work and is easily reproducable in a cost-effective manner. I like to combine digital and traditional methods to allow accuracy in my hand lettering and design but still create a hand made tactile feel. Therefore, I feel this piece successfully portrays who I am as an Illustrator and Designer and is a successful form of promotion which I can send out to potential clients and agencies. 

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